Balance your belts

Balance your belts in Factorio

Short Factorio tutorials playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdmTzXEEUupR1LB3uqQSScW4OKFksluyV
Trupen links https://linktr.ee/trupen

0:00 Did you know that in Factorio, you can use splitters to balance your belts?
0:03 Every splitter always outputs 50% of items to each belt.
0:07 This mechanic allows you to splits any quantity of belts to a desired amount.
0:11 You can calculate and design your own balancers yourself or steal them from the web like a true programmer.
0:16 The best place to build them is in the outpost to load all the wagons at the same speed.
0:21 If one side of the belt is used more often than another, one to one balancing should fix this problem.
0:27 Just make sure to don’t balance various items, because it might cause OCD flashback to you and your teammates.

This is a short Factorio tutorial or guide. You can find some useful tips for your Factorio speedrun and deathworld game. Advance topics like trains blueprints circuit network will be explained in a few seconds. I hope this series will work great as a trailer and review for Factorio. I will also try to keep it funny in a meme way.

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