ASP.NET Core MVC CRUD - .NET 6 MVC CRUD Operations Using Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

In this video, we are going to create an ASP.NET MVC CRUD app using Entity Framework Core and SQL Server. We will use .NET 6 MVC template in Visual Studio 2022 to create this CRUD app.

This is a Model View Controller pattern which is a very famous architecture pattern in software design and is equally popular when clubbed together with the ASP.NET framework

We will use Bootstrap 5 in this ASP.NET MVC website to style our pages.

We will install EF Core packages and use the code-first approach to create our SQL Server database.

This will be a great ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial for beginners and for those who have already worked in ASP.NET MVC before, this video would be a great refresher.

⭐ Video Timeline
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:30 Demo
00:01:20 Create New ASP.NET 6 MVC App
00:04:10 Install Entity Framework Core (EF Core)
00:16:40 Create New Controller - Add Action Method (MVC)
00:32:16 Create Employee List Action Method
00:41:40 Create View/Edit Employee Page
00:54:30 Delete Employee Controller Action Method and View

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