ART PORTFOLIO TIPS | How to Make a Portfolio Website (FULL TUTORIAL) ✨

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Welcome back to another video! I'm finally making a step by step video tutorial where I show you how I create my online portfolio website, using WIX!

Having an online presence and your own website is so important nowadays. Having your work only on Instagram or in other platforms may not be enough: you don't have full control over it, you can't personalize it and it can be confusing for your future clients to check specific work from you!

In this video I show you how I created my art and illustration portfolio from scratch, as well how you can use WIX as a website builder without any previous experience in design or coding!

00:00 Hello! Intro
00:45 What is Wix
01:25 Online Presence Importance
03:46 Let's Begin!
04:39 What to choose?
05:48 Explaining the Menus and Navigation
06:35 How to Add Menus
07:39 How to Add Pages
09:32 Adding a Logo
10:21 Adding a Sub-Page
11:20 Creating the Portfolio Main Page
13:43 Creating Portfolio Sub Pages
16:30 Creating Links
18:30 Doing the Homepage
19:10 Final Result!
20:00 Outro

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⭐Products I use: ⭐
◽ Camera: https://geni.us/b79X0r
◽ Mini Tripod: https://geni.us/1VzW4
◽ Big Tripod: https://geni.us/Hk1TPtM

◽ Printer: https://geni.us/pgxMAwq
◽ Silhouette Cameo: https://geni.us/B60Y
◽ Silhouette Mat: https://geni.us/koaFh3c
◽ Paper Cutter: https://geni.us/BWANlU
◽ Round Corner Cutter: https://geni.us/Qu2vJ
◽ Sublimation Printer: https://geni.us/sublimationprinter
◽ Ipad: https://amzn.to/3o0JXlz
◽ Apple Pencil: https://geni.us/FwwMmFx
◽ XP Pen Tablet: https://geni.us/hc2Vhp
◽ Sticker Paper: https://geni.us/YMGc4

◽ Studio Lights: https://geni.us/pFW5eB
◽ Photography Camera: https://geni.us/MiEGHFT

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Hi there! My name is Beatriz Penas and I'm a portuguese illustrator, nice to meet you! I've been taking my illustration more seriously and making a business out of it since the beggining of 2019. I'm always trying to create more illustrations and more products and I thought it would be nice to share my process! Hope you like my vídeos and my work.
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