API Teams that Drive Success with Chris Hood

At many of the most successful companies, leaders throughout the business (and not just technical leaders) understand the value proposition of APIs. However, the API team might struggle to garner the resources it needs, let alone to drive API adoption, if leaders don’t understand and throw strong support behind the team’s efforts. To increase support among leaders, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can show how API consumption has impacted customer satisfaction, revenue, or growth.

As your team matures, consider broadening its horizons to new use cases that can unlock new business opportunities. If you’ve been focused on internal APIs that accelerate the development of new products, you might expose an API to harness innovation by external developers. Some teams might consider turning API products into a revenue stream and packaging them into monetizable bundles that serve particular developer needs. Virtually all businesses want to move faster.

In this presentation, Chris Hood shares insights and thoughts on developing API Teams that drive business success.

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