ANTI TRENDS - Timeless Interior Design Trends Worth Investing In This Summer.

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Are you looking to invest in some new items for your home but don’t want to waste money, time, and the planet’s resources? You know I make anti-trend fashion videos, about timeless investments that never go out of style – so I thought why not look at our homes this time? Here is my first anti-trends video interior edition, 5 of my all time best interior design purchases.

I talk about:
- the innovation daybed
- choosing vegan fabric and feet
- the simple clean daybed
- Scandi vibes
- furniture in the middle of a room
- not obstructing the visual flow
- mono filio teapot + teacups
- bauhaus simple practicality
- ‘60s modernist quirk
- futuristic shapes
- green tea from 7am to noon
- chess set
- the Queen’s Gambit
- work as a decor piece
- bauhaus super minimalist chunky set with matching board
- rosewood and maple wood
- harsh contrast of a black and white
- Nordlux Patton floor lamps
- simple and elegant plus adjustability
- gorgeous sunshadows
- matte texture of metal
- offwhite instead of stark white
- from 1968, by Joe Columbo
- the Sferico glasses, Danish brand Karakter
- different sizes and shapes
- champagne, beer, ice cream, or whiskey
- glasses look better when mismatched
- quirky bubbly chubby shapes
- the sixties: Bauhaus, modernism, quirky futuristic, timeless shapes
- the most important aspect of investing or collecting beautiful homeware
- favourite investment pieces

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