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Just barely kicking off the new year, the Graphic Design trends are already in full power raising the game in all graphic design fields. With a wonderful mix of nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness, the trends bring more excitement for animation as well. Do you love complex hyper-realistic CGI or do you prefer classic animation on the Lo-Fi end? What about dynamic typography or old school? Whatever the case, get ready for the Animation trends 2022 because this year is all about going fully experimental.
The 10 Animation Trends of 2022 Overview:
1. 3D Forever
2. Hyper-Realistic CGI
3. Psychedelic and Surrealistic Animation
4. Flat Style Characters
5. Mascot Characters
6. Outline Animation
7. Kinetic Typography
8. Old School Animation
9. Experimental and Indie
10. Lo-Fi

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