Android 12 - Reinventing Android | MobiTalk February 2022

MobiTalk Chennai - Mobile Developers Meetup - February 2022

Topic - Android 12 - Reinventing Android

Agenda :
- Introduction to Android 12 features
- Theme and UI changes
- Security and Privacy
- Performance improvements
- Image formats and refresh rate
- Network and connectivity changes
- User experience changes
- What else is new?

Presenter :

Manikandan Devanathan, Android Developer, Altimetrik.


About the Event:

MobiTalk is a Mobile Meetup focused on both Android and iOS developers.

Join us for MobiTalk meetup where you can learn and explore things related mobile app development.

Meetup Community:


Date of Event:

Monday, 28th February , 2022 5.00 PM - 6.15 PM IST
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