An Introduction to .NET MAUI (Preview)

An Introduction to .NET MAUI For Mobile Development

.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML.

.NET MAUI is open-source and is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms, extended from mobile to desktop scenarios, with UI controls rebuilt from the ground up for performance and extensibility. If you've previously used Xamarin.Forms to build cross-platform user interfaces, you'll notice many similarities with .NET MAUI. However, there are also some differences. Using .NET MAUI, you can create multi-platform apps using a single project, but you can add platform-specific source code and resources if necessary. One of the key aims of .NET MAUI is to enable you to implement as much of your app logic and UI layout as possible in a single code-base.

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Complete Source Code:

0:00 - Setup Visual Studio and MAUI Project
00:16:25 - Create MAUI Pages with C#
00:27:42 - Create MAUI Pages with XAML
00:32:28 - Explore MAUI Layouts
00:39:38 - Static Shared Resources
00:44:36 - Platform Specific Values
00:50:11 - Page Navigation

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