Amateur vs Pro UI Design Examples

Onboarding and Sign-up screens are one of the most popular examples of UI Design that most UI and UX designers use to showcase their skills. That is especially true for novice designers, because it is relatively fast and doesn’t require a lot of work.

But, it’s really hard to stand out with those designs because onboarding and sign-up screens are the most overused way to showcase UI and UX design skills. Especially at services like Dribbble where you can see them everywhere.

Today I’ve selected for you 4 examples of mobile app design screens from that category, prepared by novice and more experienced UI and UX designers with the intention of improving them.

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00:00 Amateur vs Pro UI Design Examples
00:40 1st Example
02:43 2nd Example
03:25 3rd Example
04:03 Final example
05:00 Outro

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