Alley Product Chats: Data Visualization Part 3 - Dataviz and Interactives

Take some time to check out our three-part Product Chats video series on Data Visualization by former Digital Strategist Rebecca Viser and Senior UX Designer Ben Myers. The videos go in-depth about the world of data visualization and the importance of always thinking about accessibility for the attended user. Before you even watch the videos below, it’s essential to know precisely what data visualization is. We define it as: “Representation of information in the form of a chart, diagram, or picture.” Ben explains his - and our other designers’ - role in creating visualizations out of data sets and working with clients throughout the three videos.

In Part 3, the focus is more about transforming data into something relevant, andhow the client may want the things perceived. When it comes to the design process and navigating a client’s needs and expectations, Ben mentions, “The main thing is always to put the user’s needs first.” When thinking about the user’s end needs, we always think about design focus; it’s crucial to think about how everything works/looks together.
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