AI Startup - Day 336

Day 336 building a startup in 2021 as a Software Engineer. The plan is to build a cross-platform application that makes Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone.

In today's video we discuss UMD formats in JavaScript to reuse libraries in the browser and the server, customer meeting, chats with friends, issues with capbase while fundraising our next $60k, export functionality based of URLs, D&D dice and explore a cool Augmented Reality demo with tensorflow.js by devdevcharlie

Start using Hal9 at https://hal9.ai

- https://weblogs.asp.net/dixin/understanding-all-javascript-module-formats-and-tools#umd-module-universal-module-definition-or-umdjs-module
- https://twitter.com/javierluraschi/status/1455633500225216513
- https://help-action.com/7-of-the-most-expensive-dice-sets/
- https://twitter.com/devdevcharlie
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