AI in Web Design and Where It’s Heading with Bertha.ai Founder Andrew Palmer

Ep 207 - Will AI eventually replace web designers?

I’ve seen that question come up more and more.

Personally, I think no. But I’m not oblivious to the fact that AI is playing a bigger role in all of our lives and as web designers, there’s no doubt it’s integrating into our workflows and tools more and more.

That’s why I’m excited to bring onto the podcast Andrew Palmer, the founder of Bertha.ai, an AI based tool for helping web designers with copy and content on websites, who shares his insight on where AI is in web design today and the role it looks to play in the future for web designers.

So before you shake your head or rush to a conclusion on this topic, I encourage you to listen to this one in it’s entirety and leave me a comment on the show notes at joshhall.co/207 to share what YOU think AI’s role in web design will be moving forward!


In This Episode

00:00 - Introduction
02:51 - Greeting to Andrew
04:12 - Birth of Bertha
07:35 - Pain point for Bertha
09:38 - Helping clients
11:14 - Killing the copywriter
16:05 - A Quick Win
17:54 - What is the AI role
22:03 - How it thinks
25:13 - Personal reservations
26:59 - The positive side
31:52 - Next in web design
34:54 - I did what you told me
37:18 - Difference between us
39:31 - For the designer and DIYer
44:05 - It keeps the history
46:00 - User interaction
48:37 - We already use AI
49:56 - Algorithms

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