Agency Profit Podcast #75 - How to Build the Perfect Website Project Framework w/ Vito Peleg

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Do you want to drop 80% of your project delivery time while keeping the client engaged and satisfied throughout the process? This week, we chat with Vito Peleg of Atarim about how to build the optimum project framework for your website – resulting in websites being built faster, more efficiently, and with better margins.

About Vito Peleg…
Vito is the founder and CEO of Atarim. Building his first website when he was 14-years-old via GeoCities for his skateboarding crew from high school, Vito then started building websites for clients as a freelancer – from the back of a van while touring the world as the leader of a hard rock band.

He subsequently grew his London-based digital agency to a team of 12, before creating a small plugin that would change the way the industry collaborates within websites – WP FeedBack. That plugin evolved into Atarim – the first dedicated web agency management platform. Today, he’s got over 5,000 agencies using it to build their websites and over 130 clients running on top of it.

When he’s not helping the great and the good to wizard up highly functioning websites, Vito relaxes by strumming the guitar and making his daughter giggle (not necessarily in that order).

Points of Interest…
• How Atarim Came to Fruition 1:51
• The Evolution of Atarim as a Project Framework Tool 5:45
• Components for The Perfect Project Framework 9:41
• Project Framework Touchpoints 12:16
• Typical Project Framework Pitfalls/Grenades 15:43
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