Adobe XD Training

Adobe XD, a Vector-based Adobe Creative Suite software program for user-experience applications is essential to UI and UX designers. In our full course, linked below, instructor Tyson Robertson will take you through the steps to properly utilize the software. Adobe XD, which replaces Adobe Muse, is intended for user interface designers and user experience designers, plus web designers, digital media artists, and social media content creators.

What will I learn? You will learn what UX and UI are, and the difference between them. You will also learn how to make prototypes and wireframes for your web and screen-based ideas and gain a better understanding of the digital prototyping process. In this course you will also learn how to build content in XD and modify it as well as how to create repeating elements and make a faster workflow for large scale projects requiring a lot of art boards!

Check it out here on ITU online: https://www.ituonline.com/catalog/online-it-training-courses/adobe-online-training-courses/adobe-xd/

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