Adding a Download Page p1 | Audio website from scratch using HTML CSS Python and Java Script

After the release of VITAL Wavetables, this video will show how I built the download page where users can download resources. I used some of the HTML from previous page builds for consistency throughout the site.

The sites I build use HTML styled with CSS, and JavaScript for functionally where required. I make my websites from scratch using Visual Studio Code software.
My sites are mobile responsive exploiting Flexbox in the CSS. JavaScript used only when required. Fonts via Google Fonts link.

This video is part of a series. Checkout my other videos:

0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - Get the navbar from index.html
0:58 - Building the hero image
2:15 - Position fixed background image
3:20 - Wavetables sample cards
5:00 - Layout multiple sample cards
5:45 - Building the download button
6:55 - Align content responsive display

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Background Music:
When I use background music in my YouTube uploads, I slap the music together myself using LMMS and retain original files. It may not be a top 10 hit but as I made it myself, can't be hit with copyright claim.

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