Ada Handle NFT-Powered Naming Solution With $Goose | The Cardano Aura


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0:00 Intro
1:27 Video Starts
2:12 Goose Introduction
4:37 What is ADA Handle?
6:35 Is Ada Handle an NFT?
6:45 What other bock chains will you move to?
8:53 Will you be able to use one username for multiple blockchains?
10:25 Sub Handle & Auto Handle
15:45 Similarities & differences between Ada Handle & .ETH
20:38 How does a user benefit from having an Ada Handle
24:00 Partnerships
25:47 Wallets collab
28:00 How it works
29:00 Beta Sale
36:53 Minting process
45:45 Will negative words be removed
52:25 Final words
52:55 Rare Bloom
54:00 Outro
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