Accordion Using HTML, CSS, jQuery With Arrow Icon | Visible All Panels | Visible Only One Panel

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Hello friends, In this video, I'm creating a custom accordion with an arrow icon using html, css, and simple jquery also I've added two functionality, first is visible/open/expand all panels and the second is visible only one panel at a time(when the user click on the panel then other siblings panel collapsed). jquery function i used that is toggleClass, removeClass, toggleSlide, SlideUp, onClick. CSS3 property I used that is transform scale and transform translate, that's it. I hope this video is very helpful to everyone.


0:08 - Accordion 1 Preview(show all panel)
0:24 - Accordion 2 Preview(show only one panel)
0:50 - Start HTML Structure
2:26 - Start CSS Styling for Accordion
5:05 - Start jQuery
5:19 - jQuery Hide Accordion Desc(Default State)
5:43 - jQuery onClick Function
5:56 - slideToggle function jQuery
6:30 - Add active class in jQuery
7:04 - flip arrow icon when click panel
8:13 - Show only one panel at a time

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