ACB Show & Tell: Custom Medium Bore Adams A9 Trumpet with Red Brass Bell!

[Link in description] The horn du jour is a custom Adams A9 trumpet with their beautiful green abalone finger buttons and a red brass bell! The A9 design is based on the vintage Martin Committee design, and both the large bore and medium bore versions have a "step bore" design like the Martins. This horn is in the medium bore (.453" at the second slide). The standard finish on the A9 is a copper tinted lacquer; this horn has the Adams satin lacquer as a custom finish.

Like the Committee, this horn has an adjustable third valve slide ring, trombone style water keys, square Z braces, a reversed leadpipe, and no first valve slide adjuster.

Of course it doesn't exactly match the vibe of a vintage Martin, but it does excel in ballad playing and is a bit easier to play overall than the Martins. The A9 has better intonation, a versatile sonic palette, and blends better with modern instruments. The red brass bell and medium bore of this customized horn are a great balance. It's in excellent condition, check out the listing here on our web store: https://www.austincustombrass.biz/custom-adams-a9-trumpet-in-satin-lacquer-with-red-brass-bell-medium-bore/

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