A to Z EASY & Classified Webpage Design for Data Publishing Needs

Project Website & Download Location : https://sourceforge.net/projects/a-to-z-easy-webpage-design/. Please click SHOW MORE below.

Hi, Welcome to this presentation on A to Z EASY Webpage Design for Data Publishing Needs.

Just download the ATOZ.zip file, extract it and then work with the two major files, viz. atoz.xlsx and atoz.html. open the atoz.xlsx sheet to begin with. Also, atoz_60k_Rows.xlsx is included in the zip file for processing large number of records.

Major points in the Video again:

1. Data wipe and copy in the DATA Sheet - HTML Sheet formulas automatically work for 49 columns and 5000 rows.

2. TEMPLATE - Select required rows on HTML sheet by Filtering and copy / paste it on html template sheet atoz.html and save it.

3. Extending the HTML Sheet for more rows is possible, by going to the end and selecting / dragging the last row.

4. Default charset chosen is UTF-8 in the html template file atoz.html
Technique to identify charset for a particular language is to do Google Search for that language websites, open them one by one and right click them to View Page Source ( on Google Chrome Browser ) and search for charset setting used on that page.

5. Another file called Sample.xlsx file contains Formulas for Hyperlinking Various Data Fields and the Sample.html gives a demonstration of this capability.

6. The wiki page will contain latest tips on achieving various things in this project. Please view it from time to time.

7. Copy the entire folder files to wherever you copy the output html file generated ( be it a local webserver or an internet webserver )

8. If you do not have a spreadsheet program or if you want to try something new, then you can use the free LibreOffice program from its official website : https://www.libreoffice.org/download/

9. Changing A to Z to something else is easy. Just change it four times, two at the buttons line and two at the bottom of it. For eg. you might want to represent the data according to geography, eg. cities or states


<!-- paste your data below -->

<!-- paste your data above -->

markers at each alphabetic section gives you location where you need to copy your html sheet data. You have to paste your data in between them.

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