A Streamlined UI/UX for Building Operating Systems - DevConf.CZ 2022

Speaker: Jacob Kozol

The Image Builder project has two user interfaces (UIs) for building operating system images. Cockpit Composer uses a multi-page UI for the image creation process, whereas the Image Builder Frontend is a one-page UI and uses a single wizard for the entire creation process. Cockpit Composer was the original UI for the Image Builder project. It is focused around on-premise installations and uses a multi-page design to allow for advanced image customization. The Image Builder Frontend has been designed and developed more recently and follows a simpler user workflow built using components from the PatternFly and Data Driven Forms libraries. This new UI is focused on guiding a user through the image customization and creation process as seamlessly as possible.

This talk will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of migrating a process originally displayed in a multi-page workflow to one handled by a single wizard. The topics include flexibility for the user when customizing the image, validation of the customizations, accessibility of the entire process, and the speed of creation and iteration.

Sched: https://sched.co/siGN
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