A session on UI/UX designing

This session covers all the basic knowledge you need to start designing your own product including websites and apps .
This session was conducted by Prajjawal Jogdand of batch 2020 . He is a great designer himself and will give you insights of industry and the working process .

Get the slides of the session at – UI/UX Workshop

0:00 - Introduction
1:57 Human computer interaction
4:54 What we mean by UI/UX
7:56 User experience
11:17 User Interface
12:43 Skill required to become a UI/UX designer
20:11 Pipeline for product development
26:11 Principles for designing
33:37 Introduction to Figma
41:43 Designing a product
1:07:49 Tips to improve your design
1:22:32 Some helpful resources
1:36:48 Some useful plugins
1:48:33 Thankyou for joining the session

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