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This is a scroll (no sound) through the lesson pages for Interactive Coding 1 and Interactive Coding 2 for the Sheridan Interactive Media post-grad program in Ontario, Canada. See https://zimjs.com/interactivemedia.html

These lessons are taught by Dr Abstract (Dan Zen) on the JavaScript Canvas. More information from Dr Abstract about the program including official links can be found here https://zimjs.com/interactivemedia.html. Note: we update the lessons each year so they may differ from as shown. Here are some summary points about the lessons:

Interactive Coding is a six unit course so six hours a week for 14 weeks. Then there are two terms so a total of 28 weeks. This is one course in the Interactive Media program. Other courses include Web Design, Web Development, AV, Project Management, Creative Technology, UI/UX and Mobile Design.

Programming basics are taught in the first half of Interactive Coding 1 with JavaScript on the Canvas. So front loaded with visual examples for left and right brained learners. We call it throwing you in the shallow end! We also have other Web Development courses where we teach JavaScript on the DOM in a more "console-based" approach. Once the basics are covered, we then build together for the last half of the course. This is free-form building and providing tasks as we go.

In Interactive Coding 2 we have a custom classes module with an NFT project, an engines module (3D and Physics) with group projects and a Mobile module where each learner makes a PWA.

See https://zimjs.com/interactivemedia.html for more information.
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