A new, 'fluid' approach to Squarespace web design! Free Squarespace Course - Part 3

Welcome back to chapter 3 of 4 in our FREE Squarespace Fluid Engine course.

In the last chapter, I promised that we would have a look at overlapping images and some more advanced style effects using the new Squarespace Fluid Engine. That's what we are going to be doing this time.

After this, we will probably have one more chapter to complete our Squarespace mini-course. And that will be the process of wireframing and building a page from start to finish with our newfound tools and systems with the Squarespace Fluid Editor.

I think designers will enjoy this new Squarespace web design freedom!

It is July 2022, and Squarespace have launched a considerable, potentially game-changing update in the form of their new fluid engine, but it might not all be good news.
Today, more than ever before, creative professionals are looking for ways to make the website-building process faster and more enjoyable. With so many different tools available — each with their own learning curve — most designers and developers find themselves spending more time on setup and maintenance than they would like, and the results can vary wildly.

In response to some considerable steps forward by Wix and Editor X, Squarespace has introduced its own new flexible design tool, the Fluid Engine. The fluid engine is a brand new way of building websites with Squarespace that streamlines the production process while making it even more fun (depending on your particular viewpoint on what 'fun' is!). Squarespace claims that by building the fluid engine from the ground up with a focus on performance and user experience, Fluid Engine is their latest innovation designed to empower creators at every level.

We shall see.

Fluid Engine is Squarespace’s new web design tool built from the ground up. It offers a new way to build websites that is faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever before. Fluid Engine is a complete redesign of Squarespace’s web design tool, built with a focus on performance and user experience. It features a completely revamped visual editor, a new code editor, and a completely revamped website building process. The new design tool has been in development for almost two years and is Squarespace’s biggest investment in the web design process to date.
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