A Day in the Life of a Web Developer | #devsLife

Time Stamps:
1:28 - Is the work stressful?
2:38 - How man hours do you code?
3:20 - How often do you get stuck on a problem?
4:16 - Apprenticeships at Entrepreneur.com?
5:02 - Do you only get paid once a month?
5:12 - When will you make a full "day in the life" of a developer video again?
5:21 - Morning ritual?
6:11 - Do you get burned out?
6:30 - Your least favorite part of your day?
6:56 - How to memorize code?
7:10 - When is it time to ask another developer for help?
7:45 - Break up your entire day..
8:13 - Your first interview.
8:20 - Do you take breaks?
8:31 - How much do you code in 8 hours?
8:48 - Did you quit your first time learning code?
9:07 - What do you write code in?
9:18 - Routines after work?
9:40 - How to solve problems at work..
10-34 - Remote life or do you prefer the office?

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