A Day in the Life of a UX Designer (2022)

Working as a UX designer involves a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. In this video, professional UX designer Maureen Herben gives you a run-through of an average working day, breaking down her calendar and giving you a proper insight into a day in the life of a UX designer!

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Here's a breakdown of the video's content:

(00:00) - Introduction and setup
(00:40) - Start Of the Day - Coffee & prep work
(01:16) - Daily stand-up / Sync with manger
(02:45) - Block off focus time - Working on a service blueprint
(04:43) - What is a service blueprint?
(05:52) - NN Group - Service blueprint template walkthrough
(06:56) - Interlude and lunch (the importance of breaks)
(08:12) - Second block of focus time - User flows and wireframes
(09:52) - A walkthrough of Maureen's user flows
(14:00) - Alignment meetings
(15:38) - Communications hour - Emails and messages
(17:01) - Wrap-up and summary
(17:35) - Outro and next steps

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Thanks for watching!

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