9 lessons I've learned after starting a business

In this video, I will be talking about different lessons I've learned while running my business. I want to share it with you so you will be able to avoid my mistakes and will be able to grow your business faster.

00:00 - When and why I started my business
01:33 - Be realistic, think about how big you can grow your business
02:47 - You are the best person to run your company
03:45 - Surround yourself with like-minded people
07:19 - There are always people who are better than you
09:54 - Instead concentrate on the happiness of your customers
11:56 - It’s okay to say NO to "bad" clients and let them go
13:27 - Try to do everything yourself first, if you have a low budget
13:27 - Tips to hire people
15:29 - Try to be well informed about things around

Hi, my name is Yulianna. I hold a Ph.D. in economics and I am a professor in business economics. Over 10 years I taught different economic and business courses in many well-known universities around the world.
I am the owner of a web design company and a co-founder of profescan.ca
In this channel, I would like to share my knowledge and expertise with everyone who needs business tips and motivation to start and run a successful business. You will learn different business tips, marketing tips, sales tips, and self-development, as well as tips on how to increase profit, make money online, and more.


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