8 Web Developer Portfolio Tips

Your web developer portfolio can be the difference between landing an interview at your dream tech company or having your CV tossed aside, but how do you get it right?

In this video, Alex Lee, AKA TechRally - frontend engineer at Amazon and creator of his own online course, Build a Web Dev Portfolio Easily, shares with us 8 incredible tips to make sure that your portfolio dazzles potential employers and lands you the job you deserve! ✨

⚡️Contents: ⚡️
00:31 - When should people starting thinking about making a portfolio?
01:46 - So you can move away from using your own design skills?
02:40 - Where can I find portfolio themes?
03:14 - Will a hiring manager know/care that I’ve used a theme?
04:51 - Do hiring managers care more about CVs or portfolios? 
06:32 - Is Github or a portfolio more important?
07:46 - Is it necessary for the projects on that portfolio to be deployed?
09:02 - Are certificates necessary in a portfolio? 

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