8 No coding required Tech jobs that pay $100k+ [Real job listings included!]

In this video, I talk about many non coding tech jobs that you can work on and get compensated well. As a software engineer, I only learned about these jobs at work but if you're a student or looking for a career change, this video can help empower you to make a crucial career decision. It's a great time to be coding and the field is very lucrative, but if that's not your jam, there are many other paths you can take to enjoy similar pay and perks.

Below are job listings and descriptions that you can peruse to get a detailed idea of the roles mentioned in the video. I am pasting the main job requirements underneath as the links may get stale once the companies are done hiring for these roles.

Design jobs at Yelp

This link has a list of design jobs that you can explore. An example is a UX writer- this is an even more specific role in the field of UI design. These guys will work on making the UI more user friendly while working on style guides and other documentation related to the UI. This kind of a page is a great start to look for niche roles that might fit your personality well.

User experience researcher at Google

As a User Experience Researcher (UXR), you’ll help your team of UXers, product managers, and engineers understand user needs. You’ll play a critical role in creating useful, usable, and delightful products. You’ll work with stakeholders across functions and levels and have impact at all stages of product development. You’ll explore user behaviors and motivations by conducting primary research such as field studies, interviews, diary studies, participatory workshops, ethnography, surveys, usability testing, and logs analysis.

Product Writer at Netflix
This job title is a bit more niche and only for games which shows there are many other types of product writers

- You'll write about Netflix titles, with a particular focus on the games coming onto service.
- You’ll collaborate with a diverse team of stakeholders to make sure the copy principles you consistently refine are aligned with the business strategy supporting this new vertical for Netflix.
- You’ll synthesize information from content creators — and sometimes critics, fans or bloggers — to craft copy that’s engaging, accurate and aligned with the tone of the content, writing in the voice of a knowledgeable fan.

Techincal writer at Apple

As part of the team, you’ll help Apple Pay software developers write beautiful technical documentation for both internal and external audiences. You’ll collaborate with them to document our core technologies to inform and empower internal stakeholders and teams. You’ll also help consolidate, organize, and improve existing documentation.

Project Manager at Square

We're looking for a Program Manager to join our Square Credit Team! You will be responsible for defining, documenting, monitoring, and improving our end-to-end process to manage credit products for sellers using Square. Responsibilities will include defining the framework and support structure for operational teams (Risk, Customer Success, Compliance, Account Management, and Sales) as well as partnering with Product, Legal, Tax, and Engineering to prepare, launch and grow credit products to best serve the needs of our sellers amidst the evolving Square ecosystem.

Product Manager at Facebook

Job Responsibilities
Independently identifies significant opportunities in an ambiguous area and builds consensus around roadmaps and how to evaluate success.
Decides on impact high-level business metrics.
Display strong leadership, organizational and execution skills across the entire organization.

Videos mentioned:
User Experience Designer: (https://youtu.be/8Ztgeenl0Ss?t=139)

Project Manager: (https://youtu.be/nECjeK-mAMg)

Product Manager: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCmh6XaMVxs&t=54s)

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