#70: A Not so Advanced Approach to Advanced Custom Fields

For many, using ACF can sound overwhelming, but considering how even the free version available on the WordPress repo is highly functional, and how many page builders have integrations, it is not too difficult to build a website that is less susceptible to break even on client handover.

Speaker bio: Having worked in multiple agencies across the globe, PK has the experience, the skill, and the tenacity to develop and deliver truly top-tier websites. His past clientele includes high profile political figures to multiple national corporations to numerous agencies and the work has been loved and appreciated by all. PK has worked on essentially every type of website in vastly different styles of development, and has insights probably worth your time.

He has presented at the Designer Boss Summit three times about web development and design, and has been featued on the official WooCommerce podcast talking about creative development. PK has a course and tutorial website (almostinevitable.com) to help other designers and developers. He has also recently founded a web development agency, The Web Design Space (thewebdesign.space), that focuses on UI/UX, clean efficient development, and making unbreakable sites.
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