7 Steps to Building a 6-Figure Design Business

Learn the 7-steps on how to build a 6-Figure Design Business!

Being a beginner you can get lost in the world of visual design and cool images but running a business requires a different mindset. Instructor Jeremy Mura made mistakes over the years and he would like to share with you how he developed his processes that have helped his business thrive. In this livestream we will get to learn how to attract clients, build an audience and have multiple streams of income.

About the sharer.
Jeremy Mura is a brand identity designer and content creator from Sydney, Australia. He has been in the design industry for 9 years now working for both small and big brands worldwide. He has over 3M+ Views on Youtube with over 400+ videos uploaded, has taught over 55k+ Students on Skillshare and has a following of 100k+ on Instagram.

Some of the key topics in this livestream.
- Processes of running a business
- Building your personal brand
- Creating multiple income streams
- How to get clients
- How to manage projects
- Power of systems and processes
- Leveraging your content

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