7 Steps to Become a Web Developer || How to Become Web Developer in 2020 || Web Developer Guideline

Web Development — a dream of many, and a nightmare of most.

Becoming a web developer shouldn't be boring or frustrating. These 7 steps will help you gain much more clarity to take actions and work towards becoming a world class web developer and conquer your dream.

• If you want to get started with web development and not sure what to do, this video is for you.
• If you're at a certain level and confused what should be your next step, here's the video for you.

If you're a baby in programming/web development, you can try our app which will help you learn how to propose your crush with programming:
Android App: https://bit.ly/AndroidProgHero
iPhone Version: https://bit.ly/iOSProgHero

Now, if you're a Web Strong, you can try out these projects to become a Web Smart: https://bit.ly/10ProjectIdeasYT

You can easily skip to the level higher than your current level (or also, you can impress your special one with any tips for her level
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