7- Modern website UI landing page | HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 5.1 | Adding the hero section

This playlist focuses on a modern website design. In which, we use illustrator to make the images look more cool and stylish.

The website I am making is actually a contest winner on freelancer.com

So, in this tutorial am explaining exactly how I built the website and what helped me to win the contest...

freelance contests are a great way to prove your professional work even if you haven't done any work for clients before on a freelancer platform. the contests give you a fair opportunity to prove
that your work is efficient to compete and to deliver excellent work.....

If you are thinking about investing more time in freelancer.com Then you might want this 20$ free credit to start taking exams on freelancers and make your profile more appealing to clients.


If you want more clarification about freelancer contests

feel free to ask if you couldn't understand something in the tutorial...
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