60-card Lunalight Orcust! What if Harp Horror was BACK at 1? (4 Duels) [HD] [Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duels]

Time for a nostalgia trip back to my favorite format! What if Harp Horror came BACK to limited 1, alongside 2 Tiger? Let's see Lunalight Orcust take on Eldlich, Code Talker, Thunder Dragons, and Tri-Brigade! But let's spice it up, making it 60 CARDS, with the Scrap engine and Magicians' Souls! Every turn is a PUZZLE!

Final Fantasy V - 'Vessel of the Void' by zircon ~ OC ReMix
Pokémon Crystal Version - 'Secretive Terrors' by TheGuitahHeroe ~ OC ReMix
Final Fantasy VII - 'When The Planet Fights Back' by Infinity Tone ~ OC ReMix
Super Mario Bros. 3 - 'Pipes' by Seventh Epic ~ OC ReMix
Deus Ex - 'Distortion HQ' by Nutritious ~ OC ReMix
Super Mario 64 - 'Devastation's Duel' by Fishy, Sole Signal ~ OC ReMix

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