6 Ways To Become A UI/UX Designer or Product Designer (Tried & Tested Ways By Designers)

Getting started in UI/UX? Want to become a UI/UX designer? Want to Study Design? Or opt for being a Self Taught Designer? Choose to Learn as you work? There are so many routes you can take and find your own path to become a UI/UX designer or a Product Designer.
These are 6 different designer types and routes I found which are tried and tested in the industry! I personally met these amazing designer types and one of them is me!

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1:10 Study Bunny
2:11 Smarty Pants
2:54 Cody Bunny
3:44 Project Monsters
4:30 Brainy Beauty
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About me
My name is Trupti Shirodkar. I am a product designer based in Toronto Canada, with 5 years of experience. I have worked with Coca Cola, Amazon.com, and consulted 4 startups, providing user experience design, user interface design, UX strategy, interactions, sprints & design workshops. When I am not working as a product designer, I can be found creating content for Instagram sharing my insights & journey with 80,000 people.

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