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6 Useful Websites For Web Designers / Web Developers | Web Design Resources For Beginners | Free Graphic Design Resources
Whether you're a web designer or developer, these 6 useful websites will make your life easier.

6. pixlr.com : Pixlr.com is a free online Photoshop alternative.
5. siteinspire.com : If you can't come up with a good design for your next project, then you must visit siteinspire.com. It gives you a list of some of the best website designs on the web.
4.color.hailpixel.com: hailpixel is an interactive color picker, It allows you to pick different colors or hex codes by dragging the mouse cursor.
3.toptal.com/designers/htmlarrows: htmlarrows by toptal lets you copy & paste HTML arrows and symbols, It lets you copy the hex code, html code, and unicode of a symbol.
2.unsplash.com : With millions of photos, Unsplash is one of the best websites to find copyright free stock photos. It is one of the most useful sites for web designers and developers.
1.undraw.co : undraw offers so many copyright-free illustrations, You can use those illustrations in your next project.
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