6. PegaPortal - Data Management In Pega - Data Model Part 2 - Pega 8.7 - 4K

Pega Portal By Rakesh

In this video, we will see, how we can configure Properties in Pega. Here we will see Single Value, Page & Advanced Properties. Apart from this, we will see the best approaches for managing the business data.

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0:00 Start
0:27 Pega Training on Udemy
0:53 Data Management Introduction
2:43 Switch to Dev Studio
3:38: Create Single Value Properties
7:30 Property Types in Pega
11:42 Create Class for Single Page property
15:18 Difference between Abstract Class & Concrete Class
17:28 Add Single Page Properties
19:19 Create Class for Page List & Page Group Properties
24:55 Create PageList Property
25:57 Create PageGroup Property
27:09 Configure the UI for Single Value, Single Page, PageList & PageGroup properties
28:58 Configure Single Value Property on UI
34:51 Configure Single Page Property on UI
38:04 Configure Page List Property on UI
44:16 Configure Page Group Property on UI
47:00 Test the changes
50:55 End
51:29 End Screen

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