6 Keys to a High Converting Website | The Website Conversion Show #30

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about what makes the most successful websites…successful?

They think great websites require a lot of money. (false)

They think producing a ton of content is required to make the website perform well. (false)

At Web Canopy Studio, we use a six point strategy to evaluate what constitutes a high converting website.

Here are the six keys to a highly converting website:
Platform & tools: Ultimately the platform & tools that you use can make or break a high converting website. Whatever platform you choose, make sure it's easy to use and easier to make changes and updates to. Make sure that all of your staff knows their way around using the platform, and most importantly know whether or not the platform is secure enough. You wouldn't want to run to a developer every time you face any problem with your site.

Positioning and messaging: Is your website saying the right things to the visitors? Is it generating enough inquiries to keep your sales staff busy? If not, then there are issues with your website. You should be the owner of the website content, not the developer. A visitor has to feel that he/she is being led to a solution to his/her burning problem. The way to do this is by talking about your customers, their problems, and less about you/company and your accolades.

Design & development: Is your website engaging your visitors in the right way? The way visitors interact with your website determines if they're going to become your customers or not. Design should lift your brand up and enhance the message. First, you want to work on nailing down your branding and messaging, then you can focus on designing the website elements which will reflect them.

Nurturing & automation: What should your website do to get the visitors to come back again and again. Most businesses will get a lead from their site and pass the lead to sales and then dust their hands off and move on - that's the wrong approach. Every lead that comes into the CRM has to be carefully segmented based on various parameters and nurturing activities such as producing web content that addresses their problems, specific follow-up sequences, etc. have to be developed to nurture every lead to the next level in the sales pipeline.

Traffic & SEO: Don't spend thousands of dollars on SEO campaigns without seeing any proven ROI. Before you even spend a dollar on SEO, make sure that your website is doing everything that it was designed to do - don’t fall for the vanity metrics, stay focused on the bottom-line revenue and the things that contribute to that. Don't throw gasoline on a fire that hasn't even kindled yet.

Conversion rate optimization: This is the pinnacle of this six-point framework. Never let your website get stagnant. Keep updating your website, keep running A-B tests and keep experimenting. If in the last six months you haven't updated or launched something on your website, then it's already outdated. Always be tweaking things to bump up your conversion rate and evaluate how that would affect the other systems within your business.

So, that's the six-point framework that we use at our agency Web Canopy Studio. If you want a customized action plan for how you can actually achieve all of this, then you need to take our free Website Conversion Assessment at webcanopystudio.com/assessment

When you fill out this assessment, you will receive a personalized report which includes:

Individual evaluations for how your website performs in each of the 6 key areas of the Website Conversion Framework

Detailed descriptions of the areas you should focus on and why they are critical to your company’s success

A checklist for each area of focus that shows you exactly what you need to do to fix your website in a step-by-step format

Additional resources to help your website perform better

And the best part?

You don't need to hire developers or designers to make these changes! The majority of what we're providing you in this assessment are things that you can address on your own without relying on coding or special tech requests.

Check out www.webcanopystudio.com/assessment and see how your website fares today!
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