#57 - David Heinemeier Hansson: Growth Mindset & Curiosity - The Essence of Human Progression

David Heinemeier Hansson is a programmer and the creator of the popular Ruby on Rails web development framework. He is also the co-founder of Basecamp, a fantastic platform for workplace scheduling and productivity which I’ve personally used. David also co-wrote Agile Web Development, a book about Remote working over a decade before we all started getting on Zoom.

I discovered David on the Bankless podcast where he discussed why he was wrong about Crypto and decided that actually Crypto is really needed for our time.

In today’s episode of the Somi Arian Podcast David and I touch upon all things tech, crypto and web3, diving deep into the philosophy of technology and the human ego, where change begins once we’re able to regularly update our worldview.

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00:00 Intro
01:39 Basecamp
02:45 David’s interview on Bankless on crypto
10:07 NFTs are about the community
11:20 David on humbleness and curiosity
15:34 How can we make more people curious about the world?
22:24 Digital is a language
25:38 Finding a catalyst for good in the era of the metaverse
34:15 David’s prediction of remote working
36:41 David’s predictions for the near future
43:30 How quantum computing will disrupt blockchain technology
46:55 Somi’s Fempeaker’s NFT collection inspired by Nietzche
48:57 Could this life be a simulation within a simulation?
55:36 David’s new business Hey focusing on a new email innovation
01:02:30 Facebook to charge nearly 50% cut from sales of digital assets in the metaverse
01:02:57 “We need to do something about this” but who is ‘we’?
01:07:48 Outro

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