5 STUNNING WEBSITE DESIGNS - Web Design Inspiration

Looking at some of the best websites for inspiration moving into 2022! In this video we will look at the top 5 websites for three js, scroll interactions, custom cursors and beautiful web interactions.
Try Milanote to plan your next creative project: https://milanote.com/caler1021

These are a variety of websites ranging from e-commerce, design agency pages and creative studio websites to personal portfolios. These websites are stunning and the links to all of them are listed below.

Featured Websites:
0:00 Introduction
0:11 Seed: https://seed.com
1:33 Milanote
2:07 monopo: https://monopo.london
3:56 eumRay: https://eumray.com
5:25 Lunchbox: https://lunchbox.io
6:11 Liron Moran Interiors: https://www.lironmoran-interiors.com/about
8:05 Outro

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5 STUNNING WEBSITE DESIGNS - Web Design Inspiration
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