5 Rules for Perfect UI Design

Let's see what are the five basic rules for perfect #UI design:
✅ Keep users in control: Using reversible actions, autocomplete actions, or informative feedback.
✅Be consistent: It is important to use a consistent and intuitive design with the same colors, fonts, and icons, for example, throughout the product.
✅ Follow Design Standards: Standards ensure that users know what features to expect. For example, if you want users to find your mobile menu, you should use the hamburger icon.
✅ Offer Help: Even though it is better if the interface can be used without documentation, it may be necessary to provide help and documentation. Any help information should be easy to search for and focused on the user’s task.
✅ Reduce Cognitive Load: Using a smart organization of the screen elements will help people understand your interface easier and more quickly. Avoid cluttered screens!
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