5 Oct 2021: Office Hours/AMA with Stéphanie Walter

Today's questions were (in order):

5 questions from Aytan... 1. What inspires and empowers you? What keeps you going? Similar to another question we got: Hello Stephanie! How do you preserve your curiosity and motivation? When do you do when you don't feel like working?

2. We say a lot of "it depends" in UX, but what are some things that are not open for discussion when it comes to UX work?

3. You both mentor/coach people. Is there any particular mistake you see newbies making over and over?

4. What's one UX-related advice a mentor (or someone you trust) gave to you that stuck with you forever?

5. At what point you realized that you were seasoned enough to share your knowledge and lead, mentor others?

What is your advice for people looking to break into enterprise UX? I usually try to steer the interview conversation towards the process and how that stays the same either way. Any other tips that you think could be helpful.

Hey Stephanie and Debbie. What would you recommend for a UX researcher who want to transition to a UX DESIGN? where to start? So many options.

Also, where to start to learn about accessibility? What are the A,B,Cs of accessibility in UX?

Have you ever worked on an enterprise product where the interface was customizable or had several use cases? Could you describe how it was different than your other projects?
Perhaps things that mattered more than usual or pitfalls to avoid.

Hi Debbie and Stéphanie. What's the last non ux related book you read?

How can someone with a Psych degree get into their first entry role?

What are the main tools or platforms to do User research depending on different budgets ? The same question for user testing for app designs before you decide on the best choice, that includes high fidelity iOS and prototypes.

How do you combine analytics data with qual data? Do you only use it for deliverables? Or do you look at analytics (google analytics for example) before you start research? At what point you consider using that data and how?

as a researcher, what should i work on while waiting for testing resources (recruiting or budget..etc)?

What methods have you used to build personas for hard to get user bases, I work in DeFi for context

How do u do competitor analysis in enterprise ux?
Web design
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