5 New Editor X Features!

What’s new in Editor X? Learn about all the new Editor X features released over the past couple of months including Editor X Site Checker, calculations, multilingual, and more!
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The Editor X April update and March updates brought a slew of new features to the popular website builder. In today’s video, Brad Hussey, a web designer, covers all the latest and greatest Editor X release updates. The 5 new Editor X features we’ll be covering today are site checker, multilingual, calculations, sharing libraries, and restaurant orders. These new web design features aim to provide web designers with more control and ability to deliver a website that meets their clients’ needs and goals.

Translating websites in Editor X doesn’t have to be tedious or complicated. Back in the day, what might have been a strenuous process is now as easy as clicking a button on a dropdown menu. Editor X provides an easy and fast way to translate websites through Google translate. If you’ve been wondering how to do calculations in Editor X on your elements’ sizing, this is now possible too, along with a new way to check your site for errors. If you’re looking for missing website elements or a quick way for checking website breakpoints for errors, Editor X’s new site checker is the tool for the task. This along with a new restaurant orders app, and Editor X library sharing are all part of the Editor X updates that have released over the past couple of months.

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