5 JavaScript Projects You Should Build as a Web Developer

5 JavaScript Projects You Should Build as a Web Developer

Especially if you are looking for a new job, or you are a junior developer or looking to swap jobs. These will give you a better result than any CV or Resume can ever do. They will work as real-world examples of your programming and development skills.

It's a way to introduce yourself through your real work and code in HTML, CSS and JS.

The 1st on the list is your own portfolio, which should introduce you as a website developer. It shows your web design and development skills as it shows your personality with you via your code. The way you implement this, if it's by bootstrap, or written from scratch shows how you work.

2nd is a weather application that can work with an API, connect to a frontend or backend, and display it with code or functions. Creating a function to convert C to K and adding testing show you know what you're doing.

3rd is a directory service, such as maybe a movie app or tv show listing to show you can store data in an array, or object or database. Being able to sort and search and filter through this data later is just as important.

4th is clone of a FAANG website, things like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. If you're able to replicate something popular like that, it shows you have the skills visually to replicate sites for real clients.

5th is your own personal project. Something you are interested in, a web development app or idea such as nike, or bitcoin, or stat tracking. It gives you an insight into who you are and what you enjoy.

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