5 Common Beginner Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Let's go over some easily avoidable web design mistakes.

These are a dead giveaway that you are a novice as I only ever see these mistakes made by people who are new to the space.

About a month ago, we challenged our Instagram audience to design one homepage hero section per day for 30 days. The twist: They had to use the Unsplash Figma plugin to generate a random image to design around.

With hundreds of participants and thousands of designs with the hashtag #30DaysOfWebDesign, we can definitely say that the challenge has been a great success.

Though, as I was browsing the challenge hashtag to admire the work, I noticed some novice web design mistakes that I thought would be helpful to go over in a video.

The challenge: https://bit.ly/2OrS6mx
The submissions: https://bit.ly/3vqRu11

Need help mastering hierarchy? We wrote a blog post to help anyone pick up hierarchy: https://bit.ly/3vq1ck9

00:00 Intro
1:00 Huge nav link text
2:25 Minimalism taken too far
3:35 Poor hierarchy
4:50 Image-text contrast
5:55 Poor alignment & balance
8:10 Poor hierarchy

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