5 Best React Frameworks to Build Web Apps Faster in 2022

⚡️Hey all, hope you all are doing well. I have come up with the most trending React UI framework with which you can build your web applications faster. Here’s a bit of introduction to each of them.

— Chakra UI - Chakra UI is a rising open-source library that empowers developers with the building blocks they need to create robust React apps. It provides a wide variety of components, it is easily extensible, and it is packaged with some very useful custom hooks.

— Material UI - Material UI is one of the most popular open-source component frameworks in the React ecosystem. It offers numerous quality components on its base package, which are free to use.

— React Bootstrap - React Bootstrap is a wrapper around the original Bootstrap framework which provides most of the components built from scratch as a true React component.

— Ant Design - Ant Design has a React UI library that contains a set of high-quality enterprise-class components for building rich, interactive user interfaces. It is written in TypeScript with predictable static types, internationalization support for dozens of languages, and offers powerful theme customization.

— Semantic UI React - Semantic UI React is a jQuery-free integration of the original Semantic UI framework. It uses a unique design that has a declarative API adapted to React. It offers over 50 different components which are very easy to integrate into your project.

Well there you go. A brief introduction to all of these. Now do your research. Try them out. Make the best use of these technologies.

❔Thoughts on these? Comment below.

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