5 Beginner Website Mistakes (and how to AVOID them!) // Off Etsy Website

Launching your own off-Etsy website shouldn't be difficult and complicated. Yet I see so many people struggle unnecessarily because they unknowingly make a few little mistakes that can turn into big headaches later. Today I identify 5 common beginner website mistakes, what problems you can avoid by not making these mistakes, and HOW you can prevent yourself from the headaches before they happen.

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0:15 one thing that holds people back and causes hesitation when it comes to building a website
1:40 Mistake #1 - taking bad advice despite good intentions
3:00 What happens if you choose the wrong website platform
3:42 How to choose the right / best website platform
4:07 Mistake #2 - a recipe for wasted time and lots of headaches
5:10 The slowest and most frustrating way to make a website
5:33 2 Investments to make to streamline your DIY off-etsy website
7:19 Mistake #3 - How to waste money by doing things in the wrong order
8:52 Mistake #4 - throw your computer into traffic vs enjoy the process
9:40 How to choose a reliable and stable builder
10:56 WordPress Theme red flag - avoid themes like this
11:32 Mistake #5 - how to avoid losing everything
12:00 That time I totally crashed my website
12:57 The platform and hosting I use for 99% of my clients and all my own sites
13:31 One major drawback of Shopify and how to workaround it ($)
14:38 Recap of mistakes
15:27 Join me: 3 Day Website Jumpstart Bootcamp

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