4 Reasons NOT to become a Full Stack Developer

Isn't full stack development better than frontend or backend? Nope. Not if you're a beginner trying to learn to code and get your first software developer job. It may seem backwards since many job listings ask for fullstack experience and lots of coding bootcamps teach fullstack courses. But there's a huge downside to this. In fact, trying to learn full stack development could actually hurt your ability to get hired as a new programmer and here's why...

Let’s have a candid chat about becoming a full-stack developer, because it’s something I get asked about all the time, which suggests a lot of folks don’t really know what it means and what’s involved. It doesn’t help that a lot of job openings ask for full stack experience and a lot of coding bootcamps are selling full-stack programs.

Is that what you’re also coming across in software developer job postings?

Let’s start with clearing up the misunderstandings around front-end, back-end and full-stack development and then get into why you shouldn’t try to become a full-stack developer as someone who is trying to get into the industry.

So what exactly is front-end development?
What is back-end development?
Or should you become a full stack developer? Let's chat.
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