4 Marvelous Ux Design Books Every Ux Designer Must Read (2022 book recommendations)

have you tried books to learn ui ux design? well, if you don't, you have lost a big chance to grow as a ux designer so far. in this video I helped you learn ux design, the basic and proven way!
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you know, ux design process tries to solve the "why" of problems, but it's got it's own ux laws that you'd better watch. so why do I try to talk about books? good question. in these 4 magical books, you'll be understanding the ux psychology but not at any cost. these are proven ways that had been testing for some period of times.

so in this "design book review video" I told you the perfect design books that once helped me improve my own skills and taught me the right ux design principles. also I gave you some actual ways that you can try to boost your skills in no time. so if you'd want to be a perfect ux designer don't miss it out.

00:00 ux design books intro
00:47 universal principle of design
:50 first book review
02:34 Design of everyday things
03:13 second book review
04:06 start with why
05:05 review
05:45 don’t make me think
06:59 review
07:39 practice
9:57 outro
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