303: How Shirley Ansley Grew Her Web Design Business From Side Hustle To Full-Time Career

This week in the guest chair we have Shirley Ansley. In 2015, Shirley went on a journey to start a business and tried to DIY her website only to find out that making your own website is kind of hard. She became instantly obsessed with figuring out how to build a website the right way and along the way found herself starting a business as a freelance website designer.
She ran her business on the side while still working a full time job for almost two years until finally taking the leap. She left her 9 to 5 while three months pregnant with my second child a few months before the pandemic hit.

Today, she is a successful (and profitable) freelance website designer who’s had the privilege of working with award winning podcasts, POC women-led businesses, national organizations and more.

In today’s episode we get into:
- The strategy she used to transition from her job while still growing her side hustle
- How she worked on and improved her technical design knowledge so she could shift from charging $675 for a website to now charging $5000-$10000
- And so much more!

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