30 Businesses You can start with 500 Cedis | Business ideas in Ghana

We list down 30 businesses you can start with 500 cedis In Ghana. To read more about business in Ghana, Visit https://afiaghana.com/businesses-you-can-start-with-500-cedis/

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Businesses you can start with 500 cedis In Ghana
Gari production business
Poultry business
Sobolo Drink business (Hibiscus juice)
Ice kenkey business
Popcorn business
Pure water sachet business (buy and resell)
Start selling Fruits
MTN/Momo Merchant business
Plantain chips business
Fresh Fruit juice business
Roasted plantain and groundnut business
Coconut business
Soft drinks resell business
Resell clothes
Phone repair business
Social media manager business
Start a blog
Start a Youtube channel
Start Freelancing online/offline
Web design business
Face & Body scrub business
Hair growth products business
Tom brown cereal business
Groundnut paste
Pet grooming
Bofrot (Puff-puff) business
Kebab business
Home tutoring business

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